Who we are?

Two best friends that want to change the playtime and introduce a new #toyrevolution that will not kill the environment

and will bring our kids closer to nature ( WE LOVE MAMA EARTH)ee

Why are Keiki Toys unique?

Keiki toys are 100% handmade, so every toy will have their own identity with different wood veins and texture. 

Do Keiki Toys use toxic substances? 

Our products are 100% safe for the children.

Pine, Cedar, Water based paint and Beeswax is all that takes to create our beautiful inventions :) Why put some chemicals inside (YUCK) 

What are the benefits of Beeswax?

This amazing product ,(from Ecuadorian Bees) can help to bring the true beauty of your wood out for all to see. It ends up forming a rich, glossy coating that embellishes our products When you touch the wood, it leaves it feeling silky-smooth. Instead of getting a surface that looks awful and feels absolutely horrible, you can have one that is going to leave you looking at the wood for hours . Long gone are the days of pollutants and chemicals having to be in your home

Why we do not accept returns?

Well, we are very far away and we make each and every toy with love.

We are sure you are going to love them. Why return them? 


The TOYREVOLUTION consists in bringing back the simple and intuitive playing. With magical design elements and organic and eco-friendly toys. We want to encourage kids to stimulate all their senses with the direct touch of nature, wood.